Spring, Sprung: postcard from New York

It’s spring in New York when the crews start dismantling the skating rink at Bryant Park. The slush has grown like a mushroom from centre ice to the edges, and there are random small pools of snow here and there at the base of trees, which hold their naked arms up to the fresh blue sky. It’s time.  

BryantParkCarousel2It’s spring when the famous, famous carousel, with its tiny, perfect cats and horses and creatures, lovely, has been unzipped from its plastic winter coat and shined; the animals are out of hibernation, and they stretch up and down, round and round, and the children reappear like magic, like cherry blossoms, with tickets to ride.

And it’s spring when, striding the park’s pathways, are summer-ready women , their pedicures are fresh in their sandals, their toes a sunny spring 2016 blue, their entire arms confidently naked, swinging up to the fresh blue sky.


story and images © Dianna Carr