Tofino: Signs of Life

Tofino, home of one of the world’s most spectacular coastal landscapes and treasured ecosystems, of 10,000 wetsuits, of restaurant of the year Wolf in the Fog, and of lots of fog, is in a geographical region called Clayoquot Sound. The word comes from the Tia-o-qui-aht First Nations word, which is thought to mean “people who are different from who they used to be.”

This is obvious in a variety of ways: whatever the people used to be, they are now surfers, insects bobbing on the waves of the ecosystem. They are also, randomly, crafters of striking signage. On signs official and hand-hewn, Tofino residents – people who are not only different from who they used to be but also from you and me – display their end-of-the-road quirk with a uniquely mischievous humour. And then they go back to the beach.

story © Dianna Carr          images © Francis Tremblay